Tiare Spring



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"Live by the sun love by the moon" is the mantra behind Tiare Hawaii's beach boho collection.  Owner designer Jane Hoskins takes inspiration from her travels that have taken her to all corners of the world where a beach is all but a short walk away.  With ethnic prints and tie dyes  reminiscent of the sunsets Jane enjoys from the deck of her home in Oahu, Tiare Hawaii reminds us of that escape to paradise we all yearn for.   
















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Veronica M is the creative vision of self taught and self made entrepreneur Veronica Ferrer. Learning how to sew from her seamstress mother, Veronica started her business 20 years ago with a vision to dress women in fun, classy and easy to wear dresses inspired by prints from the 60s and 70s.  Her look is suitable for the career woman on the go seeking an effortless feminine outfit in the ways of L.A. cool.

















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Like poetry come to life, a collective story embraces all things Romantic. They aim to cultivate an inviting world that soothes and inspires, with clean, feminine pieces in heirloom prints and embroideries, where statement florals and dainty ditsies never get old. Theyseek to design surroundings that simply feel good. 

Feel pretty. Feel lovely. Feel like home.


Rebels, a Los Angeles based footwear company was founded in 1993 by a boyfriend-girlfriend team with a rebellious spirit and one style of canvas shoe with a rubber-capped toe. The brand has mushroomed from there and expanded its offerings into boots, sandals, flats, heels, and more.

Rebels stays true to its name and lofty objective to represents eccentric styling and renegade charm for the bohemian fashionista. She’s motivated by her own independence and her individuality is uncompromised.


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coco + jaimeson was born from a desire to create designs that spark emotion and defy expectations by being true to one's self. They are a lifestyle brand blending feminine styling (coco) + urban spirit (jaimeson). The union of these elements create pieces that are versatile, unique, and ideal to dress up or down. It is modern styling with a wanderlust flair that captures one’s individuality in this ever changing world.